Web Content Filter

Written by Michael O'Brien
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One effective type of Internet filtering, is a web content filter. This will allow a user to determine the exact type of specific web content they do not want to allow access.

As we all know, there are some types of web sites that can be a problem in any work environment. Pornography, gambling, or any type of entertainment-related content that may be illegal, or can distract and waste the time of employees or students can be a major problem. At the least, it can be offensive or reduce productivity. At the most, it can be a criminal offense.

Using a Web Content Filter Can Help

Although no Web Filter is 100% effective, being able to determine keywords, and other criteria for filtering web content can reduce unwanted access considerably. By restricting access to certain types of web content, you can at least keep users away from most of the material you do not want them to be accessing.

Malicious Content

Another important consideration in filtering web content is that some sites will download unwanted files or applications without the user even being aware of it. These can contain viruses and other harmful files that could take up valuable resources, or even crash a server and network. The use of web content filtering software can help keep your organization safe from harm.

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