Web Filtering

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Web filtering is one way a company or organization can determine specific areas of the web that can or cannot be accessed by users. Controlling or monitoring access by means of filtering can be vital.

Web Filtering in a Nutshell

Web filtering is a means by which an employer or institution can set up criteria for web access. This can take the form of certain keywords contained within website URLs that the filtering software can either restrict access to, or simply look out for. This could also mean not allowing certain file types to be downloaded. Filtering web pages or content can allow a company or organization to give users access to the Internet, but can also help to keep them from visiting areas of the web they shouldn't be, or at times they shouldn't be.

The Effectiveness of Filtering Web Content

Of course, no web filtration system is 100% effective. Innovative website programmers nowadays are always trying new ways to entice users into visiting their sites, with misleading keywords, or pop up advertising tricks. But the use of web filtration can greatly help in protecting you from most unwanted web access.

Web Filter Solutions

Many companies today are providing products which can help with web content filtering. By monitoring, controlling, or restricting the types of web pages or content that can be accessed, a business can take the first steps towards increasing their overall productivity.

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