Web Filtering Programs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are quite a few web filtering programs out there that can help you and your organization be as productive as possible. But what should a good web filtering program provide? Let's take a look.

Web Filtering Programs and Options

Options, options, options. This is the key to the effectiveness of any good web filtering software. How many categories of content can be filtered or monitored? How much freedom do you have in determining those categories? How effectively can you monitor real time Internet activity so that you can make the right decisions regarding how to filter content?

What times of day are certain sites being accessed? What times of day is user access to certain sites allowed? How much bandwidth is being used, and by whom? What is being downloaded, and by whom? Can you restrict the downloading of certain types of files? And most importantly, is the software easy to use? Can it adapt to fit your organization's expanding needs?

Can Your Software Say, "Yes"?

If you can answer, "Yes" to all of the above questions and more with regards to what your web content filtering software is capable of, then you have made the right choice. There are many web filtering programs on the market today. The real question is, are they any good? The more options you have available to you, the better. Shop around and compare. Find out what's out there, then make the right decision for you and your business.

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