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Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Internet is one of the most valuable tools for you and your company. But what happens when your employees abuse Internet usage? With web filtering software, you can control and monitor how your employees are using the Internet, possibly saving your company thousands of dollars on a weekly basis.

Introducing viruses or malicious code through emails or websites can crash an entire network. Downloading large files can take up valuable bandwidth. And viewing pornographic sites can create an offensive work environment. There is also the use of peer-to-peer, or instant messaging software, which can take time away from your employees' workday. All of these factors can add up to reduce the overall productivity of your business.

The Solution Is in Web Content Filtering

With modern web filter software, a business today can monitor, filter, or block certain Internet usage. The use of Internet site blocking software, or email reporting, are just some of the ways a business can ensure that Internet usage is not being abused.

Most web filtering software can also be managed to allow an employer to exercise as much or as little control over Internet usage as is needed. After all, although you want a productive work environment, you don't want your employees to feel oppressed. And the nature of some Internet usage, such as research, content gathering, or email correspondence is often essential.

Monitoring resources, such as web reporting tools, can allow an employer to keep track of what sites are being visited. One can also get an idea of how much time is being spent on certain sites, and how much of the company's network resources are being used where. Even if you don't choose to monitor every single bit of Internet activity going on in your company, it's nice to know you have that kind of control available to you.

Implementation of Web Filtering Software

Implementing the web filtering software is just like installing any other program. In no time, you'll be up and running. Internet content is sent through your firewall, and into the server computer on which your web filtering software is installed. From here, Internet access from individual workstations through your local area network is monitored and controlled. It's that simple.

Modern Solutions to Modern Challenges

It can all add up. A virus here, a little bit of time wasted there. Depending on the size of your business, a lot of money can be lost through Internet activity abuse. The solution is being able to monitor and if necessary, block certain Internet usage. In the end, it all comes down to productivity. How much could your business's productivity be improved? The use of web filtering software is one way to find out.

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