Web Page Filter

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Just as a web content filter is important in being able to block users from accessing certain content, a web page filter is just as important in doing the same for specific web pages. By using web filter review software to monitor usage, an employer may find certain unwanted web pages are being accessed. Restricting or controlling access to these areas can help immensely.

Web Page Filters: Control and Restriction

It may be desirable in some cases to restrict access to a certain web page all together. Sometimes, it can also mean simply limiting when a user is allowed to visit that web page. Since access of a page during work hours may be the only problem, allowing employees to view specific web sites on breaks is fine.

Other Pages You Don't Want People to See

In some cases, a company may be the developer of web content that contains material of a publicly restricted nature. A corporation or property may be ready to make an announcement that it doesn't want the public to know just yet. By only allowing those personnel who are on a "need to know" status regarding the development of certain content, a company can prevent unwanted informational "leaks."

In the end, it all boils down to security. Are you ensuring the security of vital information in your company? Do you know your employees are only looking at the web pages you want them to, when you want them to? An effective web page filter is an important factor in making sure your business is running as efficiently as it can.

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