Web Reporting Tools

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The web reporting tools available with your Internet filtering software are just as important as the amount of control you have over what is being filtered. This way, you can know who is going where, what areas of the Internet are problems, and how much money is being lost or saved due to that Internet activity.

What Web Reporting Tools Should You Have at Your Disposal?

One important factor to be aware of is, from what sources is SPAM commonly being sent to your company? Junk email can be a major problem, and bigger companies are often a very vulnerable target. If common sources of SPAM can be identified, then your Internet filtering software can prevent it from getting through to your email server in the first place.

The reports generated by your web content filtering program should also be comprehensive, and efficiently laid out. A good log analyzer should allow a user to view web and email usage in a single report. It can also report actual mouse clicks, not just web hits in the log files.

Bandwidth Issues

It's also important to have web reporting tools that can show you bandwidth use and consumption. Not only that, but reporting costs that may be associated with Internet use is also important. Being able to manage and combine such reports will ultimately provide the most comprehensive means of tracking Internet usage in an organization.

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