Digital Photo Slide Show

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you have a digital camera full of images ready to download, you might be interested in creating a digital photo slide show that displays in vivid detail the experiences captured in your pictures. With the availability of great software programs designed specifically for creating digital slide shows, you can transform a picture collection into an entertaining slide show in no time at all. Right now, you might be picturing the classic slide show machine--you click a button, the machine rotates, and yet another picture appears, seemingly identical to all the ones before it, in a seemingly endless procession of pictures.

If this visualization defines your perception of the slide show, you might be surprised at what is possible when you harness the capabilities of digital technology. In effect, take your classic image of the slide show and add music, sound effects, voice-overs, informative or amusing captions, and a variety of neat slide transition effects. Are you intrigued yet? If not, consider the ability to save your digital photo slide show to your hard drive and then burn it to a CD, or convert it to a Zip file to send over the Internet to your friends or family members.

The Digital Photo Slide Show: A Study in Reinvention

Going digital with your slide show is, in essence, a reinvention of the classic slide show. Slide show machines have always been an effective tool for displaying large numbers of pictures; the digital photo slide show simply brings that technology into the 21st Century. Create near-cinematic renderings of your favorite digital images and impress your audience with your creative savvy.

Best of all, you won't need a computer science degree or training in graphic design to utilize many of the great digital photo slide show programs that are on the market. Simply undertake a few fact-finding missions on what's available, do some comparison shopping, and you'll soon have your hands on an effective, easy-to-use program. Most importantly, you'll finally have a way to present your best digital photographs that truly captures in dynamic detail the memorable experiences they represent.

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