Music Slide Show

Written by Dallas Smith
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Imagine for a moment that you are putting together a digital slide show on your computer of a recent occasion. Your show begins, and immediately from your computer speakers comes the music that perfectly captures the spirit of the images playing out across your screen. Inspirational, expressive, stimulating, or just plain amusing, the music adds dimension and presence to the images that they just wouldn't have without it.

If this scenario defines the type of slide show that you can see yourself creating, you can easily make this vision a reality. Creating a music slide show presentation is a distinct possibility when you harness the technology available with digital photo software packages. Better yet, you'll be able to dress up your music slide show presentation with additional features that will truly bring your slide show to life.

Turn Your Music Slide Show Presentation Into a Full-Scale Production!

By adding additional features to your music slide show presentation, you can give your slide show all the qualities of a professional production. Add sound effects and text captions that accommodate your music selection, and even incorporate entertaining voice-overs into your show as the music plays. Match the mood of the music with dynamic slide-transition effects and you'll have an amazing multi-dimensional production on your hands.

Most importantly, your music slide show presentation will not require endless hours of toiling over complex program functions and intricate command mastery. Instead, with the user-friendly digital photo software programs available today, you'll be able to create your elaborate slide shows in record time. Take advantage of these readily available software programs and you'll soon be making beautiful music on your digital slide shows!

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