Picture Plus

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you have a sizable cache of digital image files stored on your computer, and you want an expressive way to present your images in either a digital slide show or photo album, one great software program that you cannot overlook is Picture Plus. The features that are incorporated into this program takes advantage of all the most current advancements in the field of digital technology, particularly with regards to digital photography. In that sense, you'll find capabilities available in Picture Plus that will allow you to manage and present your digital images in ways you never have before!

Picture Plus: Giving Life to Your Favorite Digital Photos

When you tap into the dynamic features of Picture Plus, you'll be able to interact with your digital image files in a number of innovative ways. For example, manage and catalog your images in convenient and accessible digital photo albums, or jump right in to creating a entertaining slide show from your image files. Add music, sound effects, voice-overs, and text captions to your slide show, giving it a multi-dimensional feel that you've never experienced in a home slide show before!

Add professional-style slide transitions to give your slide show an elegant continuity, and when your project is complete, burn it to a CD or convert it to Zip format and send it to friends and family via the Internet. Either way, with Picture Plus you've got a great way to share your treasured images with as many people as you wish. Best of all, using Picture Plus is a cinch--you won't need a computer science degree or skills in graphic design to create amazing projects!

Unleash Your Creativity With Picture Plus

Your photographs are important to you--after all, they are the visual representations of some of your most cherished experiences. Give your pictures the fullest expression of your creativity that they deserve through the powerful features available in Picture Plus. This program is readily available--in no time at all, you can start creating amazing digital albums and slide shows that will capture your most valued images for years to come!

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