Written by Wes Farrell
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I'm pretty interested in PIM software lately thanks to my father introducing me to them, and during my search online I came across CardPhone. I don't have a use for this program because I have my own personal information software that I use, but this one sounds really cool. It would be perfect for a company.

The cool thing about CardPhone is that it's networked address book software. This means that in an office building everyone on the network has access to the program and all of the phone numbers that are in it. Another nice feature is that when it's updated by one person, it gets updated for everyone else in the building!

Other Benefits of CardPhone

The program doesn't just have pre-defined fields that you can add to, you can make up your own if you wish! If some people outside the office can't view the information you can easily export contacts into Word, PDF, and many other formats. This is good if you want to put some contact information onto your laptop and take it with you.

One of the features that impressed me most with CardPhone was the built in map integration. If you have contacts that are out of town you can have a map included with the contact so you know exactly where it is! Out of all of the PIM software that I've check out lately, this one has impressed me more than any other.

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