Crystal Reports Pim

Written by Wes Farrell
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Crystal Reports is a program that is used by many large companies, and I'm happy to see that a personal information software program like CardPhone has decided to include Crystal Reports PIM support in their product. They also support PIM Lotus Notes integration as well, another piece of software that's used by many companies around the world.

Crystal Reports PIM integration is great because if an employee of a company that runs Crystal Reports would easily be able to send contact information to Crystal Reports so that everyone on the network could use it. This is a key feature because it saves people the hassle of having to convert file types and enter information too many times.

Not Just Crystal Reports PIM Integration!

Like I mentioned above, a lot of PIM software won't have support for just Crystal Reports or Lotus Notes, a good program will have many different programs that it supports and can export to. This is a key feature I think, because you never know what type software people will be using, so it's important to be able to integrate your software into as many as possible.

Hopefully I've shed a bit of light on this subject for you. If you're new to the world of PIM software, please keep reading this site. I didn't know much until I began my research, and now I would like to think I'm a bit of an authority on the matter. I hope that this page will aid you in your choice of choosing the right PIM software for you!

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