E-mail Tracking Software

Written by Wes Farrell
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If you write a lot of emails you may want to think about using some e-mail tracking software. What this will do is when you send of an email to someone, it will let you know when they've opened up the e-mail and actually read it. This can be handy to see if someone's ignoring you, or just to see if they got an important message.

I remember one time I had sent an e-mail to a friend at work to tell him about a change of plans, and I used the e-mail tracking software to see that he hadn't read the email. I had to run down to the bar where I was supposed to meet him and tell him about the change of plans. It was a hassle, but at least I knew that he hadn't seen the e-mail and that I would have to meet him so he wasn't there by himself thinking I stood him up.

Is E-Mail Tracking Software for Stalkers?

Not at all! I use Outlook email tracking and it's not for stalkers at all. I send off a lot of e-mails to my family back home and to my professors at school and it's nice to be able to know whether or not they've received my e-mail or not. People from all walks of life can benefit from using e-mail tracking. In fact, I think it should be built into most e-mail programs!

I have this e-mail tracking integrated with my PIM software. It's really great because I can organized my life all in the PIM software, look up someones e-mail, shoot off an e-mail to them and plan out my day. Personal information manager software is really great, and I know that I'd be quite lost if I didn't have my computer to help plan out my days.

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