Network Pim

Written by Wes Farrell
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Sometimes companies use network PIM software so that everyone on the company network can have access to the address book, calendar, and other features. This is a good way to run things because everyone in the company is aware of what's going on around them, and what everyone else is up to. This is especially handy when scheduling meetings.

Having an address book on the network PIM software is nice too because if one person adds contact information to the address book software on the network, then everyone can see it. This is a lot better than having to send out an email to everyone telling them to add it themselves to their own personal information software programs on their individual computers.

Network PIM Software Integration

Some of the better PIM software programs out there - like CardPhone for example - are integrated so they can work with other programs. For example, if you wanted to take a contact from CardPhone and put it in Lotus Notes, it's not a problem, the software can handle it. Software with PIM Lotus Notes integration is a must for professional types.

Some other popular programs that are supported are Crystal Reports and Outlook. It's really nice to see developers of software take the time to put integration into the software. If you think about it thought, it makes sense. PIM software is designed to make a persons life as easy as possible, and it can't get any easier than having support for as many programs as possible built right into your PIM software!

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