Pim Downloads

Written by Wes Farrell
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Before I decided to get organized with my PIM software and PIM downloads, I was a very disorganized person. It wasn't until my father got on my case and told me to at least give the personal information manager software a try, and I reluctantly agreed. I must say, I wasn't expecting to like and use the software as much as I did!

After chatting with him about PIM software, I went online and got the PIM downloads that he recommended to me, the ones that he uses himself. I really liked the fact that a very busy business man like my father and a working class university student like myself can both benefit from using the exact same program!

Why I Use PIM Downloads

I had fun the first night setting up the program. I put all of the contact information for my work, school, my friends, and families. I put in their addresses, home and work phone numbers, cell phone and pager numbers, email address and anything else I could think of. Right away I noticed that I wasn't using the phone book or scrambling to find a number when I needed it.

After that I started planning out my days with the software. I would mark down when I had to work, when I had tests coming up, and any other appointments that I needed to remember. My work noticed an improvement right away because I wasn't coming in late, and the same goes for my classes at school. I've really turned my life around, and I never would have thought it would be from such a little piece of software.

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