Pim Lotus Notes Integration

Written by Wes Farrell
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A little while ago when I was reading about CardPhone, I noticed that in addition to having PIM PDF export, it also touted itself as having PIM Lotus Notes integration. I think this is a wonderful feature, and I'm pleased to see that companies developing PIM software are taking the time to support as many formats as possible.

One of the largest benefits I can see for them to include PIM Lotus Notes integration in their CardPhone software would be that it opens up their product to a wider variety of people. If someone uses Lotus Notes and was looking for a PIM that supported it, I could certainly see them choosing one like CardPhone that appeals to a large amount of people, both from the personal world, and professionals in the business world.

PIM Lotus Notes Integration is Important!

Even if you don't even use Lotus Notes right now, that's not to say that in the future you wouldn't use it. I've been burned in the past buy purchasing software only to upgrade and find that it won't work anymore. That's why whenever I'm buying a piece of software now, I make sure that it's supported by as many platforms as possible.

I hope that you'll continue to read this page and pick up some more information and some of my opinions and experiences with PIM software. I'm a huge fan of this type of software and I'm sure that you will become one too. I hope that this page will help you make the right decision!

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