Pim Map Software

Written by Wes Farrell
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Like my dad and I always do when we meet, we were talking about PIM software and the PIM map software integration that his company at work uses. He was telling me how in the address book software, when you view a contact, you can have a little map of where they're located shown. I thought this was a really cool feature!

How Does PIM Map Software Integration Work?

I was a little uncertain about how the PIM map software would work, and how it would call up the maps for each of the contacts in the personal information manager. My father told me that it uses Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest integration to to call up maps for a particular contact. I knew PIM software was getting pretty advanced, but I didn't know it was this far along!

Before I learned about the map integration, I was very impressed with the integration that the software has with other programs. My father was telling me about how well the software can integrate with some of the other programs that are used at his office, such as Crystal Reports for example. Every time I talk to my dad he tells me something new and cool about the software at his company.

Sometimes I kind of wish that I could get a job where he works so I could get to play around with all the cool software he has. Then I realize that I'm having the time of my life in university, and I'm quite content using my personal address manager software at home and planning out all the cool things I can do while I'm still young and free!

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