Pim Office Integration

Written by Wes Farrell
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My father and I talk a lot about PIM office integration, and I was asking him how things work at his office. I was reading up on how certain programs work and how companies run things on their network, but I was curious to hear right from him how the large company he works for handles their personal information manager.

He told me that they use network PIM software that everyone in the office has access too. He said that the PIM office integration is key because it allows anyone from the office to add new contacts into the address book software portion of the program, and for everyone to see what each other is up to. I found this really interesting, and didn't know things were so integrated.

Secure PIM Office Integration

I asked with all the information floating around, weren't they worried about hackers or people from the outside stealing the information? He filled me in and said that they're using secure PIM software so that all of their private information stays private, and that no one that shouldn't see the information would have access to it.

I also asked him about the PIM Lotus Notes integration. I know that a lot of large companies use this program, and he said the integration is flawless. He said they can easily import and export contacts from the PIM software to Lotus Notes and vice versa. It's really amazing to me how well these programs can integrate with each other. Technology is a wonderful thing!

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