Casio Cd Printers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Casio CD printers are attractive for their small, convenient size, as well as their simple and logical design. Because of their refreshing simplicity, these printers are quite user friendly. In addition, since they're about the size of an external CD drive, they are conveniently portable. However, these printers are suited to small CD printing jobs rather than high-volume outputs, and their extremely low price tag clearly reflects this.

Casio CD printers use thermal technology to create an impression directly onto the CD surface. The software that comes with these printers allows you to vary the CD design to suit your needs. It also allows you to import graphics and fonts from your PC files. Helpful features include a preview screen and an "assistant" that offers help with program specifics.

Uses of CD Printers

Don't, however, expect multifunctionality with these CD printers. These printers are strictly designed for printing onto discs, and nothing more. Moreover, these printers, which print from a black ink ribbon, are only compatible with discs that have a smooth surface. Discs with textured surfaces should be avoided when using these printers. These indications are made clear in the product instructions.

In spite of these few quirks, however, Casio CD printers are fully compatible with all popular PC operating systems, including Windows 98, XP, ME, and Windows 2000. They require a modest 32 MB of RAM and 100 MB of hard drive space, and come with their own AC adapter, ink ribbon cassette, software, USB cable, and even a practice CD.

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