Cd Inkjet Printers

Written by Sarah MacKay
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CD inkjet printers are a popular option for consumers who don't want to spend a fortune on a CD-ROM printer, yet want the professional look and convenience that comes from being able to print directly onto the CD surface. These printers are extremely competitively priced, with some of the most inexpensive models receiving some of the highest consumer ratings.

This is great news for individuals or small businesses on a limited budget. In addition to an attractive price tag, CD inkjet printers should also come with a competitive, one- or two-year warranty. For an additional fee, many manufacturers will even allow you to extend that warranty. Likewise, free technical support for the lifetime of the unit is also standard with today's direct-to-disc inkjet printers.

Print Quality of CD Inkjet Printers

What about print quality? The wonderful thing about inkjet technology is that it has become so advanced and of such high quality that, in many cases, it is virtually indistinguishable from laser, or thermal prints. Moreover, it is commonly said that, in terms of photography and image quality, inkjet printing actually surpasses that of lasers.

Though lauded for high image quality, inkjets do tend to flag behind lasers when it comes to crispness of text. However, for the purposes of printing onto CD-Rs, the difference, if any, will be very difficult to discern. If you purchase an inkjet printer of good overall quality, its impressions should appear every bit as attractive and professional as those of thermal printers.

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