Cd Label Printers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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CD label printers have brought us into the new era of CD label printing. The old method of printing CD labels was more labor extensive. First, one had to print onto a sheet of special label paper. Then one had to remove the labels from the sheet without having them curl or stick to something else, and, finally, affix them one by one to the discs. Affixing the labels was no easy feat either, requiring precision and patience, and often resulting in crookedly placed and wasted labels.

In fact, in the last five years, a whole mini-industry, solely based on the difficulty of affixing CD labels, has cropped up. This industry involves "stompers," fixers, and all sorts of gadgets designed to correctly align labels before they're placed on the disc. While helpful, these tools only enable you to deal with one disc at a time. Thus, the task of printing and affixing labels remained a time-consuming and tedious one.

The New CD Label Printers

It was only a matter of time before specially designed CD label printers were to be invented. These printers have eliminated the annoyance and excess "busy work" associated with CD label printing. Not only do they print directly onto CD-R discs, but they also do so in a far more accurate manner than manual placement could ever accomplish.

The highest quality printers use a thermal transfer process. This means that they use heat to seal the ink into onto the disc. The result is a permanent and high-quality print job with no damage to the disc. In addition to its durability, the printing from thermal units is also waterproof. With the elimination of the paper label, this means a much more professional CD-ROM impression.

Naturally, this process is quite technically complex, and as such, these printers will cost more than your average inkjet printer. Moreover, the quality of the printing process can vary among brands, so be sure to research your options thoroughly before purchasing. Since this is such a specialized kind of printer, you want to make sure that it does a great job on the one and only task for which it was designed.

The Beauty and Benefits of CD Label Printers

Besides accuracy and convenience, there are other reasons why CD label printers are so popular. Businesses like them because they enable printing to be done on-site. Not having to outsource the task of CD printing results in a variety of benefits. For one, time is saved, since printing is no longer dependent on the production schedules of an outside printer.

Second, misunderstandings and hassles, which always are more likely to happen when outside contractors are involved, are greatly reduced with on-site printing. In fact, companies enjoy total control over the printing process. This is important, for it means that if last-minute revisions need to be made, they can easily done with no stress, delays, or extra fees.

Another important benefit is security. Businesses are always concerned about the security of their proprietary information, and shipping out CD-ROMs for printing creates vulnerability that nowadays is simply not necessary. Being able to control the printing process greatly increases the integrity of the media itself as well as its production.

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