Epson Cd Printers

Written by Sarah MacKay
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Epson CD printers are among the most popular printers on the market today. This falls in line with Epson's reputation for excellent print quality as well as competitive prices. However, it also has to do with the multifunctionality of Epson's CD printers, which can be used to print high-quality photos and documents as well as CD-ROMs.

In today's busy home or business office, multifunctional printers have always been attractive because they save money as well as space. In the case of Epson's multifunctional CD printer, which has a low retail price to begin with, this savings can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. This machine can print directly onto CD and DVD discs, photo paper, or regular business paper. Moreover, it does so with crisp, professional image quality.

Printing with Epson CD Printers

Epson CD printers use six individual ink cartridges. The higher quantity of cartridges ensures a broader color span, and thus better image quality. Another convenience of Epson printers is that they're just as compatible with Macs as they are with PCs. In fact, its easy interface with Mac operating systems makes Epson the preferred printer of many Mac users.

Epson CD printers utilize inkjet technology for printing, and offer a five-step process for printing directly onto CDs. For ease of use, these printers come with an extra feed tray to hold the CDs as they're being printed. Epson CD printers generally come with a one-year warranty, which can usually be extended if so desired.

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