Florida Property Management Companies

Written by Ivan Gale
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Florida property management companies used to be real firms located in various parts of Florida where vacation rentals were popular. Now, there are some new players in the field. Online software-based programs are now a popular option for some rental property owners who are willing to trade some disadvantages for some larger advantages.

Florida Property Management Companies Now Both Real and Virtual

Real Florida property management companies have the advantage of being local. They are able to take calls and answer questions from rental customers. As one of their main functions, they also coordinate and manage rental bookings.

They are also able to act as key masters, proving valuable to owners who live farther away and cannot deliver the key to renters. But when it comes to Florida property management companies, there are also disadvantages when compared with their online, software-based counterparts. For virtually every service the local offices provide, web-based services offer the same service, only at a much-discounted rate.

There are also added bonuses to working with online firms. Their understanding of the Web and web-based marketing is a big help to vacation property owners who have been thus far reluctant to get connected to the digital age. Even the vacation property services that seem to require a local firm, i.e., holding the keys, can be handled by any local business in town.

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