Real Estate Rental Software

Written by Ivan Gale
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The idea of using real estate rental software conjures up consumer reports on how software programs can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase. But applications like web-based property management software don't require purchasing the software outright. Instead, the programs are available to vacation property owners for a monthly or annual fee.

Use Real Estate Rental Software for as Little as a Monthly Fee

Not only is this a fair charge, it also allows a vacation property owner to use the service on a trial basis by paying only month to month. In general, the costs involved with using real estate rental software are very reasonable when compared with other players in the industry. For example, traditional property management companies often charge more than 50 percent of a property owner's rental income in management fees.

Real estate rental software companies, on the other hand, have a more transparent approach to making money. Typically one of these firms will charge reasonable monthly fees, often around $20 per month. Then if they help bring in bookings through the web service's marketing website, they will also charge a finder's fee of perhaps 10 percent.

Both property owners and property management services firms seem to benefit here. Owners are able to use high-tech software programs for a low fee, and also receive more business as a result. When compared with the hefty commissions charged by local property management firms, it's no wonder online companies seem to be growing with leaps and bounds.

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