Ce Remote Control

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Need More Features for a Handheld?

If you own a small footprint device such as a handheld or other small portable computer, you'll likely be using Windows CE as an operating system. You may have thought that the various remote access software packages were a great idea, but that they probably weren't available for your operating system. Well, now CE remote control is available, so you can benefit from all the features of remote control too.

CE remote control works in exactly the same way as remote control for other operating systems, and it has all the same features too. You'll be able to log into a PC from a handheld just as if you were sitting in front of it. This means that you'll be able to benefit from larger programs that won't fit on a handheld or mini portable.

Windows CE Plus CE Remote Control

Windows CE offers many mobility advantages, but with CE remote control, those advantages will be increased and enhanced. CE remote control will work equally well on any of the around 1500 machines that have been tested with Windows CE. So you can have the reliability and "best of class" advantages you get with windows CE plus all the other remote computing advantages offered by CE remote control.

Worldwide, users are catching on to the advantages of Windows CE which was developed specifically for mobile devices. Remote control software is also gaining a worldwide popularity, so using CE remote control will put you in the forefront with other users who seek out the best in cutting edge devices. Why not click through on our link today to find out more about CE remote control?

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I have been using CE remote

I have been using CE remote control for 7 months, if you would emphasis some of it's strength , I could appreciate you!