Computer Lab

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Age of the Computer

Computers are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether we use them for administration purposes, to help us with communication, as a presentation tool, or for getting and disseminating information, they're here to stay. Computers now play a major role in publishing, at all stages, from writing, to editing and on to print preparation itself. Computers can even be used to provide simulation for a number of activities to provide trainees a boost. Think of flight simulators, as this was a very important area where computers can provide a trainee with realistic conditions in which to practice.

So it makes sense that computers are playing an increasing role in education itself at all levels. Now, there's hardly a school or university in the land that doesn't have some kind of a computer lab. Children receive basic instruction in computer use at a very early age, and most have a PC at home.

Computer Lab Expenses

But because computers are expensive, nearly everyone wishes they had a better computer lab. A lack of PCs is nearly always the main complaint. Too many students crowding round, and having to take turns. A computer lab can be inadequate because it needs more software, or because the instruction and support level is not what it needs to be.

Now thought, a new generation of computer software could mean that even the simplest computer lab takes on a completely new identity. Every learning institution can make more and better use of facilities by extending access to students. Many can even access computer lab facilities from their homes or dorms now, with remote desktop access software. The fact that remote desktop access software is also comparatively inexpensive means that computers can be made better use of for very little extra outlay.

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