Fix Corrupt Files

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If you're having trouble opening documents or downloading programs you're computer's operating system may be jammed-up by corrupt files. These are files stored in your operating system that have somehow been altered. They tend to interfere with other programs, even rendering some unusable. You're not a computer technician, but you can do something to fix corrupt files.

You can always call a professional computer specialist to fix corrupt files. They typically charge between $50 and $100 per hour. Most specialists won't work for less than a couple of hours. Their time is too valuable to waste on ten-minute house calls. Basically, they reconfigure the damaged files to keep them from interfering with the clean files.

The Best Way to Fix Corrupt Files

If you recently purchased PC diagnostic software at the computer store, you can call their support line for assistance. If you're lucky these programs are self-explanatory, and the PC tech help is free. You can also find this software online, many times for less money than the programs available in the stores. These programs often have 24-hour tech support. Simply drop them an e-mail with your questions.

The best way to fix corrupt files is to run anti-virus programs often. Many people suggest doing this on a daily basis. You can even schedule system checks while you're away from your computer. They take less than a minute, and it usually only takes a few more minutes to make the necessary changes. The time it takes to do this could increases your computer's longevity and saves you money in future repairs.

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