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Nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on computer equipment, and then having to pay additional fees for customer support. Most computers come with a warrantee, but when that expires you have to pay for PC tech help. Those fees can add up quickly. Often you're charged a fee for basic information. We're talking about things like opening e-mail attachments, downloading software upgrades, turning on your virtual memory, and switching to a different operating system.

Where to Look for Free Computer Help

So where do you go for free computer help? If you're lucky you have a computer savvy friend who likes to trade PC diagnostics for dinner or a movie. While many of us don't have the time to understand the complexities of computers, there are many people who make computers their hobby. These friends are helpful for minor problems, but you should seek professional help for major problems. When you seek the advice of friends you can't exactly hold them responsible for damage to your system.

You can look for free computer help online. There are many websites dedicated to helping people solve their computer system problems. Computer manufacturers and software companies alike offer basic advice to their customers. It's better to trust your computer to these companies than to the many private sites. Computer enthusiasts often set up these sites, and their advice is not always well informed.

When you're looking to fix computer errors it's a good idea to scan your system for errors. You can download free software to do this from many sites online. These sites not only offer you a free scan, but they also offer free computer help as well.

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