Free Pc Scan

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You've heard about software that scans your PC for potential problems, but you don't think it's a service you can afford. Would it change your mind if you realized how many potential problems were hovering just under the surface of your computer's operating system? You can actually perform a free PC scan online. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

Finding Corrupt Files with a Free PC Scan

Your computer won't be altered without your consent. When you perform your free PC scan, you'll receive a detailed PC diagnostics report. The report is organized in order of priority. The more threatening a file, the higher it's priority. Once you receive your report, you'll be given the option to fix PC errors instantly with an "unlock key." You can fix all the problems, or just the most pressing problems.

When you purchase an online key, you buy a year's worth of support and system scanning. Most people scan their system on a daily basis for things like computer viruses and other high-risk files. When you perform a daily scan you make it next to impossible for damaging files to infect your system.

A free PC scan is a great way to discover the many reasons your computer may have been freezing up, crashing, or downloading files slowly. When you fix PC errors you immediately notice a difference in your operating system. In addition, you'll have access to free tech support, and free downloads whenever there are software updates. When you download this software online, you save time and money.

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