Pc Powerscan Serial

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A PC Powerscan serial number will never prevent you from running systematic checks on your hard drive. The point of a PC Powerscan serial number is to keep track of your software package purchase. If you misplace the serial number and need to re-install the program, you will go through lengthy customer service battles.

As irritating as this is, software manufacturers do this for a reason. Every software vendor uses what they call an End User License Agreement (EULA). This is to monitor the sales of software packages and keep control of installations. Without such a system, a person can approach a software company and claim that he or she purchased their software and is need of re-installation--even if he or she never purchased such a package.

An EULA prevents a consumer from purchasing a software package and installing it on several computers. If you are a small business and need to purchase software for multiple machines, the cost of software increases based on number of end users. You cannot purchase a package for one user and install it on five different user machines.

What if I Lose My PC Powerscan Serial Number?

With Powerscan, the installation is free. So you never have to worry about losing your PC Powerscan serial number and spending hours on the phone with a customer service representative. If you accidentally uninstall Powerscan, just visit the link above to download it again.

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