Pc Registry Faqs

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You may have recently tried to perform a task on your PC only to receive a message that stated "PC Registry Error." If you're lucking enough to know more than just the basics of computer lingo, you were able to solve the problem. If not, you had to call someone for PC tech help, or look it up online. We hope to provide you with some basic answers to your PC registry frequently asked questions.

Answers to All You PC Registry Faqs

PC registry Faqs round one: What is a PC registry?
A PC registry is a reference tool for you computer. It's a database of all the information and settings from your hardware, software and preferences. Your hardware is the physical equipment of your computer. Software is any additional program you add to your computer, such as word processing, Internet service providers, and organizational tools like spreadsheets and calendars.

PC registry Faqs round two: What causes registry errors?
When you add hardware or software to your computer, you add information to your PC registry. Eventually this information gets convoluted or "corrupted." This corruption occurs because files are not deleted completely, or files overlap other files. It also occurs when you use damaged hardware.

PC registry Faqs round three: What are the symptoms of a corrupt registry?
One of the first things you'll notice with a corrupt registry is reduced productivity. When it comes to downloading files your computer takes longer than ever, and sometimes crashes in the middle of a download. If your computer's registry is damaged severely, you computer may refuse to start up at all.

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