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Have you noticed your computer is downloading files more slowly? Have you recently had to restart your computer because the screen froze? Maybe you went to save a large file, and discovered you didn't have enough available memory. These and other problems may be symptoms of a corrupt registry. The mission of the PC Scan Info site is to provide you with the tools you need to safeguard your personal computer against unwanted files that clog up its memory and slow down its speed. In the following pages we will show you simple ways to scan for PC errors, and provide you with information on software that can quickly fix them.

Where to Find Your Free Scan for PC Errors

You can perform a free PC scan online. This is a great way to find out all the problems with your hard drive. This service is very simple. If you were a computer technician you wouldn't need this service. Most software companies realize this, and cater to the need for simplicity when their customers scan for PC errors.

So how do you scan for PC errors? It's simple. You locate a website that offers the service, and follow the download instructions. This process is normally just a series of clicking buttons with your mouse. It normally takes less than a minute to identify the problems with your PC. At the end of the scan you will be presented with a diagnostic report of all the problems with your pc files.

The PC Doctor is In

After you scan for PC errors you can choose to sign up for a service that will correct the errors, or you can wait, and hope the problems don't escalate. If you sign up for a service, you can find some great deals online.

Most services will allow you to continuously fix PC errors as they appear on your hard drive. You can even perform the scan when your computer is turned off. You can set it up on a regular schedule, which means you can constantly protect you PC from Internet viruses or corrupt files as they come in to your computer.

Preventative Medicine

If you think you can't afford this service, think about how much you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars to replace your computer or spend hundreds of dollars on a technician. When you scan for PC errors you are essentially giving your computer a regular check up. It's so much easier to catch the problems before they start than to go in and try to fix them afterwards.

Most services are surprisingly affordable. For less than $100 you will receive constant software updates and technical support. With a simple e-mail you can receive professional technical support that you can't find when you purchase software in the stores. Many sites offer referral incentives and money back guarantees.

It's hard to put a price on a diagnostic service. You can never be sure which hard drive malfunction is going to be the one to crash your computer, or worse shut it down for good. When you scan for PC errors you let the experts take care of these problems.

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