Appointment Books

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Appointment books used to be a nuisance. But with the advent of sophisticated computer software, it's become very easy to track and set client appointments or to schedule meeting times. In a busy office, paper, pens, and notes relating to scheduling can easily be mislaid. With a well-designed computerized system, life on the job can be a lot easier.

Online Appointment Books--So Many Features!

Appointment books used to just lie there on your desk. Now they can do just about everything (and possibly a few things you haven't thought of)! The new computer-friendly versions can be accessed remotely or color-coded for clarity. They can be sorted by date, time, day, provider, or service. If there is other criteria you'd like to sort by, you can have your system customized to fit your needs.

Clients can schedule their appointments online, if you so choose. This is convenient for your clients and for you, because clients are more likely to make appointments and remember to cancel them on time if they have the ability to do so at all hours. When a client remembers at 11 pm that he can't make his physical therapy session, he can go online and cancel or reschedule instead of simply making a mental note to call and reschedule the next day (and consequently forgetting all about it).

Today's appointment books can even notify staff regarding scheduling changes, e-mail reminders to client, and confirm appointments--all automatically. This frees you or your staff to spend more time generating new business ideas--you'll have the potential to make your business even more successful.

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