Appointment Calendars

Written by Sarah Provost
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What would we do without our appointment calendars? In times past, our duties were simple and unvarying: milk the cows, feed the chickens, slop the hogs. Go down to the mine, swing a pick for eight hours, come home. Monday washing, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday mending. Canning in August, sowing in Spring.

Today, we may be studying the latest statistics on mad cow disease, creating a clever TV ad for a new fast-food chicken sandwich and deciding whether to buy or sell pork bellies. And tomorrow will be very different. It's no wonder we cling to our Filofaxes and Day Runners and Blackberries and Palms so tightly.

It's important to remember, however, that our appointment calendars serve us, not the other way around. We all know that the best way to build up our savings account is to follow the "pay yourself first" rule. Making the most of our greatest asset, time, is no different.

Use Your Appointment Calendars to Balance Your Time Accounts

If you suffer, like so many of us, from the "not enough time" syndrome, try something different the next time you sit down with your appointment calendars. Write in the single most important thing that must be done each day, and then write in time for something you've been longing to do but haven't. Of course, if your goal is to write the Great American Novel, you can't do that on Monday. You can, however, write one page describing your main character. You may ask yourself, if this is so important to me, why do I need to write it down? The best answer to that question is another question: have you done it yet? No? Then write it on your schedule and do it on Monday. I look forward to reading your book.

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