Appointment Management

Written by Sarah Provost
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Appointment management can be a very time-consuming and frustrating part of any office's operation. You may have representatives on the road who are constantly calling in to shift or verify appointments, or you may be trying to round up all those wandering reps for a staff meeting. Mobile, easy to use appointment management software can make such tasks a whole lot easier.

Cell phones revolutionized the way on-the-road staff was able to do business and simplified their lives remarkably. Then came notebook computers that could easily be carried around to access needed information. Now, with the advent of PDAs and wireless access, appointment management can be simplified even further. Scheduling software can instantly match client needs with available staff, or allow a staff member to find a time when a prospect is available to meet with him or her.

Real Time Appointment Management

With appointment management software that is connected to the Internet, scheduling can be done instantaneously. Not only that, but your reps can also have access to client databases, records, and reports that will help them conduct a successful meeting. No more heavy cases to lug around or paper appointment books to riffle through, trying to find the next available time to reschedule a meeting.

I used to work in a business where it was the norm to reschedule meetings many times before they really occurred. There were times when I actually erased holes in my paper appointment book! If that sounds familiar to you, save yourself frustration and use appointment management software.

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