Appointment Reminders

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Appointment reminders keep scheduling on track. Appointment reminders are an important part of the service cycle for client-based businesses. They help to insure that clients show up for their appointments and avoid last minute scheduling changes. If an office is busy or understaffed, appointment reminders can often become an afterthought.

Appointment Reminders 101

Some offices have paper systems--postcard appointment reminders and the like--which may be filled out at the time of the client's last visit. They may also be generated according to a schedule noted by the receptionist. Such systems are messy and subject to human error. Although an office may be very efficient, paper follow-up can be difficult at any time.

With an online scheduling system, appointment reminders and confirmations are automatically generated. They can be sent by e-mail or combined with a mail merge function to create a paper letter to be sent by US mail. This makes follow-up easy.

E-mail versions of appointment reminders can also give clients the option to reschedule, if it should prove necessary. Links can be included that will allow a client to reschedule online using a variety of options, as determined by the office. These reminders are fast and convenient for both the business and the client.

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