Beauty Salon Software

Written by Sarah Provost
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Beauty salon software, like everything else in the salon business, is constantly growing, changing and developing. The new salon systems available have moved way beyond being an automated version of your appointment book. They set appointments in a trice, of course, but are you aware of what other services beauty salon software can provide?

Beauty Salon Software Benefits Clients and Staff Alike

Let's start with making those appointments. If you're using an Internet-based application, your clients can call up your website and schedule their appointments themselves. Some versions of the software also automatically call clients when they have an upcoming appointment and play a reminder message that you record, eliminating or drastically reducing no-shows.

Client tracking is another benefit derived from beauty salon software. Even the simplest versions can keep track of formulas and client preferences. Some software provides filtering and E-mail functions, so that you can, for instance, E-mail a promotion to clients who haven't been in in the last three months, or send notice of a product on sale to those clients who have previously purchased it.

Speaking of products, salon software can automate your inventory and reordering process, too. Some versions can print and read bar codes for gift cards, which are booming in the salon world. You can even track employee hours and commissions, and do your payroll all in the same system. Managing your salon just got a whole lot easier.

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