Building Maintenance Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Superintendents of large residential communities can use building maintenance software as a scheduling tool to keep grounds attractive, ensure that all residents have adequate heat and plumbing, and make sure that hallways and common areas are kept clean. Luxury apartment buildings and co-ops often house hundreds of people.

The water pipes, heating units, and electricity of individual units are often connected. In most situations, all residents are effected by poor maintenance. Issues arise every day in addition to regular maintenance work. Many buildings have small staffs who must resolve all maintenance issues.

Building Maintenance Software as a Reminder

Maintenance crews frequently encounter unexpected problems, such as broken elevators, laundry machines breaking down, gas stove units malfunctioning, and boiler room issues. When breakdowns occur, it's easy for workers to lose track of their daily maintenance workloads. Building maintenance software creates task lists that workers can reference throughout their days, reminding them of what needs to be done.

Say, for example, it's June 1st, and a superintendent tells his building maintenance software program that one of the boilers needs to be cleaned every 30 days. That's all the scheduling he ever has to do. Going forward, the scheduling program will include that exact task for the indicated boiler every thirty days.

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