Building Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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When using building software to keep track of the appliances that require regular upkeep, people have to make sure to accurately identify items in databases. Software can take the information provided by people and convert it to Excel spreadsheets, but if people do not classify their equipment properly, the data can get lost. Poor labeling offsets the efficiency that software provides.

Data Entry into Building Software

When entering information into building software programs, it's important to ascribe easily remembered names. Items should be listed by their technical names to differentiate parts that are similar but not exact. For example, large buildings have different types of pumps. In databases, they should be identified not as "pumps" but as "cold-water pumps," "circulating pumps," and so on.

When listing items that are exactly the same, people should number them, not only on the Excel spreadsheets but also on the machines themselves. If there are 20 washers in the laundry room, they must be differentiated somehow. People can label the machines as numbers one through 20, and then make sure that they plug them into their databases using the right numbers.

Giving things the right names makes repair work and maintenance a lot easier. It saves mechanics time when they know exactly what needs to be fixed. When writing notes on building software programs, people have to make sure they keep track of which messages pertain to different machines.

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