Calendar Schedulers

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Without calendar schedulers, how would we ever get anything done? I don't know about you, but when I used to keep everything in a paper appointment book, I could never find it when I needed it. It frequently got lost and if I kept addresses in the book as well, that was that for those contacts. I'd just have to hope they called me.

Calendar Schedulers Kept My Sanity

When my business started picking up, I knew I had to get a better form of organization, or risk losing some really great clients. I looked at several different types of software for calendar schedulers and finally sprang for a PDA that I could sync with my computer at home. This kept my data safe, in case of mechanical failure, but it was still pretty limited.

On the days when I accidentally left my little machine at home, I had no way to retrieve important information about appointments or clients. I had to hope I remembered everything I was supposed to do that day (just like the old days!). I was complaining to a friend over lunch one day and she clued me in to the latest innovation in calendar schedulers.

She recommended I take a look at the new calendar schedulers that are available over the Internet. "Huh?" I said. She explained that with online calendar schedulers, I could now have the benefits of remote retrieval without the cost of buying a network server or even having to pony up for more software. I wouldn't have to worry about updates either, for that matter. All I had to do was log onto a website specially created for me and my business and I could see what my schedule was for the day or even the week. And my clients could even make reservations for my time while I slept, using the same system. What's the best part? I can keep my PDA. My new system even syncs to Outlook!

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