Client Scheduling Software

Written by Sarah Provost
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Client scheduling software can be a great boon to any busy office, clinic, spa or salon. Scheduling appointments the old way, with a book and a pencil, will seem medieval once you begin using software. No more leafing through pages looking for available times and people, with your clients standing there getting impatient or being put on hold.

Let's say you're doing scheduling for an orthodontist's office. The client needs to come back in two weeks, then once a month for six months. Recurring appointments are a snap with client scheduling software. You can set up the next six months' worth of appointments in a matter of seconds.

There may only be one orthodontist to schedule, but what if you manage a busy salon with a dozen stylists? Scheduling software can search for appointments by time, by stylist, or by both. If someone phones in for the next available appointment in the afternoon with Lacey, that appointment can be found and scheduled immediately.

Client Scheduling Software Helps You Make a Good Impression

The level of organization in your office, practice, or salon is one of the first things clients notice. When you are able to meet your clients' needs swiftly and easily, they have a good feeling about your competence in general. Client scheduling software also makes it easy to note a client's preferences, habits, and idiosyncrasies, so that information is readily available. When you can greet a client knowing exactly what he or she needs, it makes a much better impression than if you have to flip through a card file. A client who feels he or she is receiving personal attention is a client likely to bring you repeat business.

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