Crew Scheduling Software

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Crew scheduling for most companies, particularly in the transportation field, is too complicated to be handled by hand. With buses, air travel and other vehicular traffic being a major part of urban infrastructures, most companies and city departments need sophisticated crew scheduling software to handle the demands. Even with taxi services, truckers, road and work crews, operations are so complex, it pays to find a good crew scheduling software system and have it tailored to your unique needs.

The Rough Road Can Run Smooth with Crew Scheduling Software

Crew scheduling software has become increasingly sophisticated in the last few years. Programming advances in crew scheduling software make a number of time saving and safety features possible. You can easily compare staff schedules or switch shifts. You can review information based on many different categories. Tracking vacation requests, equipment availability or service records can all be done on one system.

Features that allow you to see what situations are likely to occur in the future are built-in. The crew scheduling system can also propose solutions to potential shortages or other crew scheduling issues. You can estimate costs and built-in modules help keep you within government and union regulations, painlessly.

Payroll and timekeeping functions can also be handled by the system. Remote access features can give both supervisors and staff the ability to view and revise schedules without having to be at the office. Employee records, certifications and training histories can be tied to crew scheduling software, enabling you to quickly asses what you need and who can accomplish it.

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