Dispatch Scheduling Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies in the transportation business, be it personal travel or freight shipping, often use dispatch scheduling software to assist with logistics planning. Businesses that require trucks, cars, or buses to be at certain places at set times have their work cut out for them, and it's difficult to stay organized when there are literally hundreds of vehicles on the road. Some software companies have come up with helpful solutions to this problem.

Dispatch Scheduling Software for Daily Business

Many trucking companies have clients who request regular pickups. While many trucking businesses have to take orders during the day and improvise, it helps considerably to add regular stops to dispatch scheduling software so that it can create set schedules. A dispatcher can enter the specifics (location, day, time) of a customer into a software-driven database, and the software can add that stop to a daily schedule.

Taxi companies can add regular stops to their schedules as well. The best places for taxis to line up include train stations, airports, and harbors where ferries arrive. Public transportation runs on set schedules. By adding arrival times to scheduling software, cab companies can easily find people who need rides.

The best dispatch scheduling software is easily edited. When a schedule change occurs, all someone must do is open up the dispatch program and make changes to the database. Each day, dispatchers can print schedules and inform their drivers where and when they have pickups.

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