Employee Scheduling

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Employee scheduling is frequently a challenge, even to the most experienced managers. Scheduling doesn't take place in a vacuum. There are many demands on a manager or business owner's time. Figuring out who's going to pinch-hit for Fred in accounting after he broke his collarbone in a skiing accident isn't always at top of the list.

Employee Scheduling Lifesavers

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent employee scheduling software programs out there that can greatly simplify filling in for Fred. They can also be great in cases where the absence is anticipated, like Judy, who's going out on maternity leave in three months. With useful employee scheduling features like highlighting, conflict notification, and remote access, you can be on top of your staffing situation in no time.

Look for multiple scheduling templates built in when choosing your software,so that you're sure to find one, or several that will meet your needs. Most scheduling programs can be tailored specifically for your business. Creative viewing and report options can help you identify solutions or problems at a glance.

You can pull up reports by name, title, shift or other employee scheduling criteria that you determine. You can link important employee records to scheduling files if necessary. You can even have employees sign in and out from their desks by computer. These types of employee scheduling features can save you a lot of administration time and help keep your sanity, too.

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