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Groupware calendar software is a technology that is designed to facilitate the work of groups and their respective schedules. The technology was designed to allow groups to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, solve problems, negotiate or compete. There are a number of different applications for this software, and it has become an essential tool for a majority of businesses.

groupware refers to a specific branch of technology that relies of the computer networks, such as email, newsgroups, chats or videophones. Though the telephone is also considered to be a groupware device, the idea of groupware is more progressive than just a phone. There are so many forms of communication that go beyond the phone, and those are the tools that fall under the description of groupware.

There are two primary dimensions to groupware technologies synchronous or asynchrounous. Synchronous groupware means that users are communicating in realtime. Asychronous groupware means that they transactions are not taking place in realtime, rather that they are communicating at different times with phones or email. These are the two differnt dimensions of groupware technology.

Group Calendar Software Is Easily Accessible

Group calendar software shares many of the same attribites as any form of groupware. The group calendar software allows many people to establish their schedules on a weekly, daily or monthly basis. All the users that are involved with the software can communicate on the same interface from seperate computers. In other words, the calendar is accessible from anywhere, which is a wonderful detail that makes the software very convenient.

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