Home Maintenance Schedule

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Developing a home maintenance schedule can help someone save money, improve the appearance of his house, and enable him to budget his time better. Maintaining a place of residence takes a lot of work. By making a list of everything that need to be done and deciding how frequently those chores should be completed, a person can make time for home maintenance without feeling overwhelmed.

Without organization, people often feel that there is just too much to do. One advantage of having a home maintenance schedule is that it lets a person work on one thing at a time. Someone can do a little bit of work on Saturday mornings, a few things here and there during his workweeks, and never feel like he has hours of laborious chores ahead of him.

Creating a Home Maintenance Schedule

One of the best ways to make a schedule is through a computer program. People who try to plan their lives on organizer pads have so much writing to do. Some tasks, like mowing the lawn, for example, must be done repeatedly. Writing, "mow the lawn" thirty times over becomes a chore in itself, especially when there are dozens of other activities that must be rewritten over and over as well.

Some programs enable people to type their chores only once, indicating how frequently they must be done. After that initial entering of information, the program can create a home maintenance schedule based on the data given. People can follow this process for all chores.

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