Industrial Preventative Maintenance

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Industrial preventative maintenance programs involve not only retooling appliances and machinery but also ensuring that workplaces are safe. All companies that use dangerous equipment have to register with OSHA, a government safety compliance organization. Businesses who fail OSHA safety inspections are subject to fines of up to $75K per employee, which may seem excessive but are a very real threat to businesses.

Companies are expected to provide employees with thorough training and education on safety issues. Fire alarms must be tested frequently, and all safety exits must be clear. Businesses should schedule fire drills and test their evacuation equipment.

Industrial Preventative Maintenance to Pass Audits

Other industrial preventative maintenance precautions involve testing the air for freshness and measuring noise volumes. Companies that regularly change air filters and clean ventilation pipes almost always pass clear-air tests. Places that exceed certain noise levels are mandated to provide their employees with earplugs.

Industrial preventative maintenance for safety involves considerable planning. Businesses often find it beneficial to use safety checklists as guides to ensure that no OSHA rules have been overlooked. Moreover, using software to schedule maintenance helps plant supervisors prepare for safety audits. The best programs create schedules that contain all the necessary tasks that can ensure successful audits.

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