Maintenance Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I stayed in a hotel that exemplified the need for maintenance software. My wife and I booked a suite in a resort that had just opened the day before, and we were going to be the first people to stay in our room. When we first walked into the suite, everything appeared immaculate. Later, however, when the sun went down and we needed light, we flipped the switch and nothing came on.

I tried the television, and that didn't work. Our entire suite had no electricity whatsoever. The hotel allowed us to change rooms, and we tested the living room lights. They worked, but the lamps in the bedroom did not. After thorough inspection, we discovered that one out of four power sockets in the bedroom actually had electricity. Not wanting to pack again, we decided to stay where we were. Later that night, we noticed that the knobs on our stove were missing. There was paint on the windows.

Maintenance Software as a Verification System

Had the contractors used maintenance software, and used it correctly, these problems could have been avoided. The program could have created a schedule and a simple checklist that would have ensured perfection. It could have told the workers to check the electricity, and to make sure the windows were clean.

With the right maintenance software, the managers could have simply verified that all steps had been taken to ensure customer satisfaction. I can't be sure of what will happen, but I know that the hotel owners cannot be happy with the contractors. Because their maintenance quality system was not foolproof, there must have been problems in some of the other 400 rooms as well.

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