Massage Appointment Systems

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Massage appointment systems that really work for you are a critical part of a healthy spa business or sole proprietorship. Although it's understandable that individual practitioners may rely primarily on a paper calendar or PDA, surprisingly, a large number of spas and massage therapy groups still do, too. That may have been the best option available when you put your scheduling system into place, but now there are a host of new and better options available to you.

Massage Appointment Systems Are a Faster, Better Solution

For both types of practices, a software-based massage appointment system can make a world of difference in the amount of customers you can help. Implementing a computer-based schedule can also increase the efficiency of your follow-up. It can also give you tools to enforce a cancellation policy and lower the number of last minute reschedules.

Stand-alone massage appointment systems (ones you use only on site) can make tracking client information so much simpler. With records and payment information linked to appointments, the front office can handle payment quickly and therapists have access to important health and preference information. You can also use color-coding to see different types of services at a glance.

The biggest advantage, however, now comes with the advent of online massage appointment systems. These services can be purchased in addition to stand-alone systems or they can be created to handle all of your needs at the website level. You get the advantages of networking without having to buy and maintain servers and software updates. Customers can schedule their own appointments at any hour, if you choose, and follow-up is a snap. The systems can be set to automatically send confirmations and reminders as well as staff notifications. They can also require credit card numbers as part of the reservation process, making it easier to enforce that cancellation policy. It's all in a day's work!

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