Multi-schedule Software

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Businesspeople who are responsible for more than one hotel can purchase multi-schedule software, which organizes and displays the maintenance schedules of various hotels on one screen. For companies that have several locations, these programs help save a lot of money. Businesses only have to make one software purchase, which can cost as little as $140, and have up to 999 hotels completely organized in terms of maintenance scheduling and equipment documentation.

People who are in charge of multiple hotels have to place considerable trust in their employees, because they cannot be everywhere at once. Hotel chains that use multi-schedule software can include the use of these programs in their daily procedures. People at each site can print daily task schedules, rather than wait for instructions from their bosses.

Using this software, managers and owners have the ability to remotely access information on maintenance and inventory. This enables them to spot potential problems before they turn into serious issues. It's like being in multiple places at once.

Origins of Multi-Schedule Software

Some multi-schedule software is created by people who have worked in the hotel business their whole lives. As a result, it's geared towards the tourism and hospitality industry. However, because this software focuses on time-management and organization, it has crossover purposes for other industries as well.

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