Nurse Scheduling

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Efficient nurse scheduling is critical for a safe, patient-friendly environment. Nurses are in short supply, so you have to make the most of your staff without making them wish they worked somewhere else. Poorly handled, nurse scheduling issues can result in high turnover rates. With scheduling software, you can be on the road to solving that problem and keeping your staff loyal and effective.

Nurse Scheduling Software Saves the Day

Whether you're running a hospital floor, a clinic, or a nursing registry, you want to effectively balance patient needs with nurse job satisfaction. Nurse scheduling issues can be a real problem. Most nurses like some flexibility in their schedules, particularly in registry work. But you've got to get those shifts covered.

With scheduling software, you can store a wide variety of information in the system and call it up when you need it. Nurse scheduling software can track employee records and certifications as well as preferred hours, vacation requests and medical leave. You can display schedules according to any criteria you choose. You can mock up future shifts and find a substitute--fast. You can even program the system to consider union rules and local employment ordinances so you stay clear of penalties or liability.

If special equipment is required for a job, you can create requisition records in the system, so you know where all your equipment is at any given time. You can even enable remote access features in some systems so that your staff can check their schedules at any time. These kinds of nurse scheduling features not only make your day easier, they keep your staff happy, too--which is good for everyone.

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